Add or Update Deals Anywhere With Ecquire and Zapier

Since the introduction of the Stride API just a few months back, we’ve been busy integrating Stride into some amazing services. Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of both Ecquire and Zapier to help you add and update new deals, wherever you find yourself on the web. Both of these integrations bring a drastic level of efficiency to your experience using Stride. First, a look at Ecquire.

Ecquire (Download Link)

When you first download Ecquire (a Chrome extension), you’re taken through the setup process, with Stride as a default option. Just click the Stride logo and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s all very self explanatory and simple to install. Once you  authorize your Stride account, you’ll notice a small Ecquire icon in your Gmail account, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and various other places around the web. When you click the Ecquire logo, you’ll notice a panel appear from the right-hand side of your screen (see below). From there, you’ll be able to create a new deal or update an existing deal, while pulling contact info or email content directly from the site you’re on — without ever leaving the page.

Words can’t describe how amazing Ecquire is for the Stride experience. Your move. To try it for yourself, visit this link. It’s free and so, so awesome.

Zapier (Direct Link)

The function of Zapier is vaguely similar, but more more automated than that of Ecquire. Depending on preference, one may suit your needs better — though both can’t hurt, either. Zapier allows you to tie any action on a web service to an action on Stride, and vice versa. For example, say I wanted to create a new project in Freshbooks whenever I create a deal on Stride. To do this in Zapier, you would simply drag the Stride icon and the Freshbooks icon into the application boxes — example below.

The number of combinations that you can automatically trigger with Zapier are endless, they support over 155 different services. If you can dream it, they can do it — now with support for all of your many Stride dreams. For more information on Zapier and the new Stride integration, check out their blog post. To give it a go for yourself, just head on over to Zapier.

We hope you enjoy these additions. If you have any questions about either, or would like to see any added functionality in both our Ecquire or Zapier integration please let us know!


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  • Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

    Andrew, I must commend your taste in software. I use both these products and love them. In fact, I consider myself the self-appointed “Evangelist not in Residence” for Ecquire. It is the fastest Chrome extension I own. And the integration with data sources is outstanding. Therefore, I have signed up to try stride.

    • Andrew Dumont

      They really are amazing, especially Ecquire. Glad to hear you’re giving Stride a try, if I can be of any help, just let me know.