Tag, You’re It

Today we’re introducing Tagging, a highly requested feature that has been in the works for several months. Tags solve a very real problem when you use Stride with a team, or simply just have a lot of deals to manage — they help make context clear.

Some practical examples for tagging goes something like this. Let’s say I’d like to tag a deal as being owned by me, Andrew Dumont. By default, whenever I create a new deal, it’s tagged with my name, making it easy for me to filter down by the deals that I am tasked with completing.

The same thing goes for anyone else that is a member of your team on Stride. Whenever they create a deal, the deal will be tagged with their name, which can be removed if they’d like.

The second use for tags come when looking to provide context to a certain deal. As this deal involves Don Draper of Mad Men, I may want to tag it with something like Mad Men… or scotch, whatever helps.

If scotch doesn’t cut it for you, you can always add tags that separate your funnel by function (sales, marketing, operations, etc.) or even company (freelance work, day job, etc.). it’s completely up to you.

Finally, you can use tags to parse down your funnel. By default, we allow you to filter by stage and whether or not they are completed or on hold. You can also filter by any of the tags you created, like scotch.

Now, get to tagging!

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