Stride: Year One

To take a look at the big picture that is our past year, we have to step back. We’ve learned a tremendous amount in what it takes to bring an idea off the ground. To make something that people will love, and will solve their problems. And to make something that will adapt to the ever-changing world.

We’ve been met with challenges. One of us got sunburned from being always on, in the sun. We accidentally broke beer bottles when opening them. We had bugs that needed to be worked out. It’s been a long way coming, we love our customers, and we really cherish the feedback that all of you have been giving us. Year two, will be your year. We have some great ideas we’re putting into play.

They love us, they really do love us!

A lot has happened in the past year here at Stride. Gallons of coffee drank, many pints of beer chugged, lines upon lines of good code written, and most importantly, a lot of customers coming in. 10,000 to be exact. We are absolutely blown away by the reception. To our customers, you really are the cake.

Recently, our iPhone app has launched – to have a visual dashboard of what’s in play, without being near your computer, is such an awesome convenience. We don’t charge extra to use the iPhone app, it’s available for all Stride users, free and pro alike.

And, just under a month ago,and in a collaboration with Ecquire, our Beginner’s Guide to Sales was released to the world. We scoured the web and weren’t able to find a solid resource on sales for beginners. So we made one. And since the release, we’ve had over 15,000 unique visitors and counting, to the guide. Last week, we made our very first iBook of the Beginner’s Guide, and published it shortly after.

Let’s not forget about the product

There’s been some awesome features that we’ve rolled out over the last year as well.

Tagging – This feature has been highly requested, and the use cases are as far as your imagination can go.

Stride API – With the release of our API, we’ve been able to build awesome integrations with Ecquire and Zapier. Tie your other workflows into Stride, like Mailchimp, Asana, Evernote, Dropbox, etc..

Collaboration – Multiple users in teams, live updating, commenting. We wanted to make stride powerful not just for solo users, but for teams as well. We like to scale, just like you do.

Tasks – Never forget that follow-up. You can now add deal-specific tasks in Stride. Assign that next step to whoever needed, to leap towards closing the deal.

Contact Info and Descriptions – Why stop at deal titles? Know who your contact is, and what the deal is about.

Deal Filtering – Curious on what deals are in each stage? Well now you can easily find out!

Looking ahead

You may have noticed that I’m new here. I have one sole job, and that’s to grow Stride. We have a lot of great ideas in the pipeline. Whether it’s product, community, or customer engagement. 2013 will be a year to be remembered. Stay tuned!

Always Be Closing.

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