Business Blogging 101: Just do it!

Business Blogging 101: Just do it!

Here’s a general rule of thumb: every small business owner needs to blog. That’s right, literally every business owner should have their own virtual soap box on the Internet, spreading their knowledge and keeping interested readers in-the-loop with important industry news.

Introducing business owners to blogging has actually been one of the largest challenges I’ve faced in the past few years. Even after they’ve paid to have the beautiful site built and I’ve shown them around, I will come back to the blog a few months later and notice that they haven’t written a single post! It turns out that there are a few central hurdles or concerns that cause the silence, and now, it’s my mission to combat those and get everyone chatting online.

“I don’t have time to write 1000 words all the time!”

Of all of the blog posts I’ve written in the past few weeks, only one of them went over the 1000 word mark. And remember – every word you write is another word you’re expecting your reader to, well, read! For regular business blog posts, I recommend a word count of about 300.

There’s no need to bring up past nightmares of your high school English teacher – cite a source by linking to the article or website and move on. Speak your opinion on a topic, bring up a relevant resource or simply state some interesting facts, hit publish, and get back to business.

“My customers don’t want to know about my industry.”

This is patently false. Your business must have loyal fans, who want to know about how you function and operate in your industry. There are always new innovations or products coming out, and blogging about them it shows your visitors that you are always on the lookout for what’s coming up next. In addition, blogging may lead to more sales, if you write something that is convincing enough for your visitors to share with their money-wielding friends.

In short, the most important step of blogging is to just do it. Claim your place on the world wide web and start voicing your opinion and displaying your knowledge.

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