Using Intercom in Favor of Mailchimp for Messaging

Using Intercom in Favor of Mailchimp for Messaging

Over the last couple weeks we’ve been looking at ways to better communicate with our users. Email only goes so far, and it’s difficult to separate what’s important over the noise. This is very important to us as we want to give every one of our users the highest level of service and support that we can.

Additionally, we wanted to keep an open-line with our users and make it easy for them to get in touch with us.


In the past, we’ve always used Mailchimp to send emails to our userbase – new blog posts, product updates, new features, and numerous other things. This was ‘acceptable’ to us, as ignorance is bliss, we didn’t know what we were missing out of. We dropped Mailchimp in favor of Intercom. Here’s why.

With Mailchimp you can’t funnel your users into different areas, some are new, some are old. We wanted to customize our messaging depending on how recent our users were, what features they’ve taken advantage of and if they’ve hit certain milestones with using Stride. It’s great for sending newsletters out to lists, and it’s damn good at doing so. But we were looking for a level of features that had to be fulfilled elsewhere.


With Intercom, we can do a lot more when it comes to custom messaging. For what we needed, emails were the base of the functionality. We were now empowered with in-app messaging, user funneling, and life-cycle communication.


For example, we can send a message only to those with accounts that have multiple-user collaboration, and with 2 users or more. This was very handy when we released @ mentions recently. Since this feature will be unavailable and non-useful to those on Solo and single-user accounts, we would only be sending them noise if we had done an email blast to our whole user base.

We’re still experimenting with what we can do with Intercom, but so far it’s proven to be well worth it’s price tag and this is something we definitely are excited to use.

Intercom is allowing us to provide a level of communication with our users. Some of you may have already received some Intercom messages, we’re always open to your feedback – just leave a comment below, reply to an Intercom message, or send over an email to

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  • destraynor


    Thanks guys.

    • Kevin Chau

      You got it Des!

  • Tarci

    i suck at sales period, maybe, just maybe, this might be my holy grail “strideapp”, i’ve stopped digging this is it!

  • Ryan

    We currently use both Intercom and Mailchimp as well. I’m curious though as to what you’re using to capture and send emails for your blog newsletter if you’re no longer using mailchimp. I noticed you still have the “Get posts by email” form here on your blog.

    • Justin Bergener

      Ryan, Did you figure this out? I’m wondering the same thing.

      • Ivan Mojsilovic

        We turned back to mailchimp for blog subscribers. And it seems that we will do the same with regular updates and newsletters as well since Intercom’s pricing policy is utter robbery.

        We will still use Intercom for automated emails driven by user behavior since it’s really good for it. But the rest isn’t worth the money.