Upload All The Things! New Features from the Weekend

Upload All The Things! New Features from the Weekend

We’re all about making the best sales tracking application for our users here at Stride. We try to roll out new features as quick as we can, and the latest ones to roll off the line are document storage, CSV Import/Export, and new performance updates. With file uploads, now you can easily keep the files related to your deals in one simple location.


No more having to email them back and forth between your team members, or try to find them in your cloud storage accounts.

store all the things


File Uploads

The new document storage feature will be available to everyone. Free users get 5 MB of storage to try it out, and our new and existing paying users get anywhere from 1 GB to 25GB depending on their account plan.

Using storage is simple, we’ve built it right into the deal details area, you’ll find it right situated right next to tasks.



CSV Import and Export

The transition to and from Stride is now much easier. You can bring your old database into Stride with a few clicks.

To import a CSV file, you’ll be prompted when you first sign up, or you can head over to your organization settings to start the import process.

To export, just simply scroll to the bottom of your deal pipeline and you’ll find the link to your CSV there.

Performance Updates

Stride is now up to 5x faster when working with a large number of deals (100+). Any delays that happened in the past are now almost instant after the initial load.

Do you have any suggestions for features you’d like to see us roll out next? Head on over to our features forum where you can submit and vote on feature requests!

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