5 Office Hacks to Fight Brain Drain

5 Office Hacks to Fight Brain Drain

Even with high unemployment, for many businesses in competitive fields, high turnover and attrition are scary things. It can be tough to retain the best talent, and without good people, everything else starts to suffer.

So as managers and leaders, how do you cut down on “brain drain,” the possibility that your best and brightest are going to start migrating somewhere else, out of frustration with the status quo, to follow more enticing offers, or even just out of boredom?

Lots of the best fixes for a flagging workforce have to do with “user-friendly” systems that make everybody’s job easier. For instance, here are five top innovations based on communications that can really have a good effect on morale and readiness.

Instant Feedback Opportunities

In the old days, experts half-jokingly spoke of the ‘suggestion box’ placed in the corner to provide a two-way street for employees and their bosses. Now, that’s not nearly enough.

To make their workers really feel empowered, some of the best companies are rolling out high-tech intranet tools that allow people to speak up directly over the web. This makes it a lot easier for individual workers to let top management know what they’re thinking, not only to advise on processes, but just to get their own two cents into the mix.

Five-Minute Meetings

A lot of times, the worst thing that can happen to people in an office is another meeting. If your meetings are suffering from a general feeling of ‘meeting exhaustion’, there might be a big opportunity to improve by using some of the processes that tech companies use to make quick decisions as a whole.

Sometimes called ‘scrum,’ these kinds of meetings are used in agile software development. Here, instead of having long conversations about things, individuals often take quick snapshot votes, just by doing a show of hands or otherwise gesturing their opinions to one another around the room. Take a look at some of these modern practices that can save everybody hours and hours of time.

Solid CRM

You want your people to do well out in the world, speaking with customers, staying aggressive and getting your brand seen by your target audience. But without good CRM, this takes a lot of arduous legwork.

Look at the newest and best customer relationship management systems that really support interactions with customers. These systems give workers what they need to succeed — just like a physical trades worker needs the best tools, knowledge workers need comprehensive dashboard systems that will set the stage for more productivity and happier people.

Good Videoconferencing

This is another opportunity for good CRM to support a business. By combining effective videoconferencing platforms and the kinds of personal information and business intelligence found in CRM systems, a company can allow workers to collaborate and brainstorm across various business locations, whether they’re down the street or around the world. When the drones from sector seven can talk directly to the drones from sector five, a lot more gets done, and again, people feel more empowered, in tune and connected with their employer offices.

Show and Tell Videos

Another good way to make employees feel valued is to work up and present action videos that show what’s going on at the top corporate level. Give employees a window into top management decisions, product rollouts and other big news, and they benefit from being in the know about what they’re helping to achieve.

To accomplish many of the above tasks, check out the Stride CRM platform that provides vibrant customer relationship management for business. Our easy-to-use system is helping companies to upgrade to 21st century operations that allow them to fight attrition and other competitive challenges that will become high-stakes issues in the years ahead.

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