The Best Sales Tools to Skyrocket Your Revenue

The Best Sales Tools to Skyrocket Your Revenue

Improving revenue growth is an important part of the job for everyone in business. This is why every employee needs to make the company’s growth part of their own agenda. While it is important to reduce costs, making sure everyone is engaged in company growth can help the entire business. This is especially true for small businesses where having the best sales tools can help skyrocket your revenue.

Remember that not all growth is created equal. You need to distinguish between good and bad growth. According to Ram Charan with, “Good growth not only increases revenues but improves profits, is sustainable over time, and does not use unacceptable levels of capital. It is also primarily organic (internally generated) and based on differentiated products and services that fill new or unmet needs, creating value for customers.”

Social media management

Some social media experts say that a successful campaign should have two or more social media posts per business day. These add up quickly, and turn into 520 Facebook posts and tweets per year. If this number seems daunting, imagine having to keep up with all of your competitor’s posts as well. One service that makes it easy to post to multiple social media services at once is HootSuite. Using this tool, you can manage multiple accounts simultaneously. It will even let you schedule posts to go out automatically at a certain time. HootSuite also provides analytics for any post made using their system so you can see exactly how many clicks each post received.

Social media can be a great opportunity to give customers incentives to make more frequent purchases. By offering special deals that are available only to your social media followers, you can increase your following. Social media can also be used to promote package deals that will get customers to spend more on each purchase. It can be a powerful way to increase the awareness of special package offers that are only available to your social media visitors.

Social media can also be a great opportunity for customer education. You can help customers and prospects alike learn about existing and new products and services. You can also highlight premium services that have a greater margin, which allows you to increase revenue. Make sure you keep these posts interesting by combining them with photos, videos, webinars, and blog posts. This can be a great way of tying your social media posts to the rest of your content marketing.

By providing consistent daily value with your social media, you can help build a powerful following that will keep coming back to your site on a regular basis.

Inbound marketing software

There are some major players in the inbound marketing software arena. This type of software allows a single platform for you to attract visitors, convert new leads, and close customers. HubSpot allows you to create forms with a call to action that can track, store, and nurture your leads. Other features include being able to A/B test landing pages, calls to action, and Signals, HubSpot’s real-time notification engine that helps you know when it is time to follow up with new leads.

Real-time chat

While having a “contact us” form on your website is a great idea, sometimes visitors don’t want to fill out their information. By having an Olark real-time chat window on your site, you get another way to answer a quick question via a chat box. “You’d be surprised at how many closed customers you can achieve by just answering a few questions when the lead/visitor is most interested with your product,” says Zen Cachola with If an actual person is available for chat, the query will go straight to a mailbox where members of the sales team can immediately answer. This is a great way to answer those quick questions that can help you close the deal.

Email marketing
Email marketing can be a powerful way of building trust with your customers. According to Keith Ferrazzi, with Inc., “Build trust through intimacy; show them that besides being professional, you’re human. Skip the small talk and go deep into what really matters — your dreams or fears, your children or the business issues that keep you up at night. Even better, have new clients and contacts spend time with you and your family and friends.”

If you have been in sales or marketing for long, you’ve heard the saying, “the money is in the list.” One of the best ways a company can create more sales while building brand recognition is using email marketing. Email marketing can be used to tell people about your company’s latest news in a regular newsletter, or it can be used as a means to directly drive sales.

It is also a great way to show people your company’s knowledge and position within your niche. While there are a number of players in the email marketing area, MailChimp and Aweber are the most popular. Out of these two, MailChimp is probably the easiest to use.

A lot of smart companies will regularly add new content to their website, but their customers don’t know when it’s available. A newsletter can be a great way to keep your customers informed and stay top of mind. This means the next time they’re ready to buy a product or service that you provide, you will be the first one they think of. You can also talk about promotions, future releases, and of course offer discounts to the people who view your mailing list. MailChimp makes it easy to import an existing list as well as create email templates that can be sent out using an autoresponder. Newsletters can be a powerful way of letting your customers know that you’re working hard for them and continuing to advance your product or service.

Video communication

Once you set up an appointment, a face-to-face meeting can always work to your advantage. However, in some situations you simply can’t drop what you’re doing and go to another city to have a meeting. In these cases, software like Skype and GoToMeeting allows you to save time and still have a face-to-face videoconference. For one-on-one meetings, Skype is an easy solution for business people everywhere. For a fee, you can also call people outside of the Skype network. For conference calls with multiple people or for doing webinars, GoToMeeting is hard to beat. While GoToMeeting requires an invitation to be sent to each person so they know how to connect, the quality of calls and features are exceptional.

Accounting software

Are you looking for an easy way to track your time and manage invoicing so sales staff can focus on increasing revenue instead of the administrative task of maintaining and learning accounting software? For small business and freelance accounting software, FreshBooks is hard to beat. It allows standard time tracking, reporting, invoicing, and ties in with most payment methods. We also checked out Harvest, but found that FreshBooks has a better implementation for companies that bill flat fee projects as opposed to hourly rates.

E-commerce and merchant services

Let’s face it, if you’re going to boost revenue you need to be able to receive payments quickly and easily. If you have an e-commerce website, you’re going to need merchant services in order to build your revenue stream. For many small businesses, PayPal is essential to their success. PayPal allows them to accept and make payments and integrates with many accounting systems. While PayPal’s invoicing may not be the most feature packed, if combined with other accounting services like FreshBooks, it allows improved branded invoicing and tracking.


When it comes to looking for ways to increase sales and improve revenue, CRM can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. One study from the Insight Technology Group found that by using CRM for the first three years they were able to have “a minimum increase of 10% in gross sales revenue per sales rep” after implementing CRM.

CRM can also help small business owners optimize interaction with their clients. It has the ability to organize tasks and follow-up time for new sales prospects. CRM can also help close the deal. Having the right information at the fingertips for your sales staff is crucial. CRM will help track the history of every customer communication so it can be viewed while on-site with a mobile device.

Instead of wasting time tracking a paper trail that only exists in one place, why not give your salespeople the information they need? Using CRM, they can have a mobile device that contains all the customer information at their fingertips. This information is safely stored on servers that you don’t have to worry about backing up or maintaining.

StrideApp is a CRM website designed for freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners. It was created to be an uncomplicated CRM that allows you to more easily connect with your customers and prospects.


As you can see, there are several areas to consider when boosting your company’s revenue. Combining the best-of-breed in each of these areas will help you skyrocket your revenue. Keep the big picture in mind, and make sure your employees are working toward the same goal.

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