10 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Sales Via Twitter

10 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Sales Via Twitter

For some people, getting into Twitter is really an uphill battle. It’s not easy for all of us to embrace this extremely short-form platform, with so much else in the mix, and so many other demands on our daily schedules. Too many of us already have what we might call “twitter malaise,” even without having really dug into the meat and potatoes of the Twitter world.

That being said, if you’re in sales, you might be missing out on big opportunities to convert more, and earn more, every day through the Twitterverse. There is simply so much you can do with a Twitter account!

A lot of the best strategies for Twitter are some of the best kept secrets of the online sales world. They may not be high-profile or extremely common strategies, but some of today’s marketers and salespeople are using them to break out of the box and conquer new territories.

Check out these exciting ways to use Twitter to your advantage — some are time-tested principles, but some are brand-new. All of them can help you to leverage the power of the Twitter platform to really boost your sales outcomes.

Build Your Castle First

One fundamental commandment for Twitter is to develop your own web presence before you start tweeting. You then embed your tweets in a greater context, where people can click back to your own web site.


Too many web sites of individual salespeople and their firms are just underdeveloped. These days, your web sites work best when they’re upscaled into impressive, polished creations. Like the huge stone castles of medieval Europe, they inspire people to look closer at a brand or company. Building up means creating slick landing pages that draw the eye, but it also means building more “doors” into your site, giving customers online options for seeing more and getting to know your brand with a simple web site navigation.

Optimize Your Profile

This kind of goes along with the first suggestion above. No matter who you are in a company, you can develop your Twitter profile for visibility by integrating your company logo, slogans, and other items like trademarked product names. This goes a long way toward building your Twitter presence and helping you accomplish more when you actually tweet. Look for more from this guide from Entrepreneur.com where Ted Prodromou gives tips about crafting a Twitter account.

Advertise Changes at Your Company

Another great thing to do with Twitter is to tweet out about what your company is doing — for example, about public events you are holding to boost brand visibility in your community, or conferences or trade shows where you want your firm to have a footprint. You can also tweet regularly about what products or services you are developing, who’s joining or leaving your company, and much more, to keep all of your followers engaged and involved. This is another step that’s covered in the Entrepreneur.com piece, and a good one for marketers of all stripes.

Use Twitter Search

This is an interesting one that a lot of people overlook. Simply log on and take advantage of the Twitter search tool to find relevant tweets for future interactions. For instance, you can simply look for tweets that mention your company or its products and services. You can look for openings to build further into the Twitterverse, to create interactive relationships that can benefit your bottom line as a sales master.

how to use twitter search

This guide from Zapier provides more details on the use of Twitter search to get more business intelligence to help drive your company and your sales strategy where they need to go.

Host Twitter Chats

Another strategy is to host a ‘Twitter chat,’ where you provide an online venue for some back-and-forth about your company, its products and services, and its place in its industry. Just like with other social media platforms, Twitter can facilitate central forum-type activities where people give input and feedback about your brand. All of this aids that central principle of giving you and your company more space on the web, and more viewership. Look for more at SocialMediaExaminer about the ins and outs of hosting Twitter chats.

Have Conversations with Followers

Some of the experts who’ve been looking at Twitter use around the world have pointed out that in the U.S., Twitter seems somewhat broadcast-centric. We’ve developed a “tweet it and forget it” mentality that you just fire off a short tweet and let people know something, and then move on.

But that’s not how it’s done everywhere. You can take a page from the playbook of less ‘establishment’ types of users and use Twitter as a meet-up point instead of a broadcast media. Find out more in this guide from IMediaconnection and get on board setting up the kinds of long-term communications that are going to drive your success in the years to come.

Check Out the Buy Button!

This is the most exciting new Twitter tool for lots of salespeople, and by far the newest principle for using Twitter to your sales advantage.

As of September 8, 2014, advertisers and others are trumpeting the arrival of the ‘Twitter buy button.’ This will allow for e-commerce directly over the Twitter platform. (Check out this announcement from Re/code)

get customers to the shopping cart

You don’t have to be a prophet to understand how great this is going to be for salespeople who are deeply Twitter-invested. After you’ve done all of that other stuff to polish your brand, develop your account and reach viewers, you can put e-commerce tools directly into Twitter and allow your customers to take advantage of easy one-click conversions.

This is a prime example of how salespeople are working smarter, not harder, in the 21st century. Instead of shlepping door to door, you simply build digital platforms where people can come to you and order directly. Through the magic of consumer-directed tech tools, you’re sitting back and collecting credits to your quota, without any further direct participation.

It’s not that you don’t want to work — it’s that you don’t have to, because you’ve already built all of the architecture and done all of the things to help the customer toward your virtual shelf. Make sure to keep an eye on how this brand-new Twitter tool is getting used in your field.

Do Twitter Coupons

What’s one of the best uses of a short-form social media engine? Coupons, of course. Coupons are often light on text anyway. They’re simply vouchers and promises of discounts from a particular business.

With that in mind, Twitter can be an effective way for you to get coupons out to your customers. You set the rules on the results you want out of coupons — you figure out where that fine line is in getting too many coupon purchases, or not enough. The key is that once you figure that out, Twitter is a way to do quick and easy distribution.

use coupons to get more customers

Hand Out Literature

Another related idea is to simply hand out white papers, literature and other items through Twitter. Some experts focus this strategy on developing yourself as a thought leader — others simply point out that you can reach customers with glitzy new brochures or other items that show off your company’s advances, rather than your own brainpower. But either of these strategies is an equally great way to do more with Twitter and boost your image with brevity.

Share Entrepreneurial Words of Wisdom

Last but not least, there’s the idea that you can reach customers and viewers not only with company or product information, but with tweets that have nothing to do with the business world.

Well, not nothing. But you get the idea.

We’ve often seen business people use philosophy and the idea of wisdom to their advantage. Lots of small business leaders and corporate bigwigs do this to seem wise and in control, again, to develop their personal brands. We’ve also seen this idea lampooned in such high-profile business parodies as BBC’s The Office.

However, this is another case where real business leaders are using Twitter to do this kind of real evangelism. Take a look, for example, at this link from Behind the Hustle talking about Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, and his take on inspiring audiences with simple tweets.

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