Say Hello, Collaboration is Here

You may have noticed a new feature in Stride. It’s subtle, but it’s powerful.

This weekend, we quietly rolled out Collaboration functionality to all of our beta users, allowing anyone on Stride to invite other folks to team up with them on any of the deals they’re working on. It was something that we heard a need for loud and clear, so we delivered.


Assign tasks, comment on activity, switch between multiple teams, it’s all there. But we took a different tact than most. Instead of charging you per user, we thought it made more sense to allow you to collaborate with as many people as you’d like, without running up the tab. With all of our plans, users are unlimited. Many minds are better than one.

You’ll also notice that with the new collaboration features that we are officially out of private beta, meaning that anyone can sign up and use Stride, no invite required. So feel free to spread the love.

To all of our early beta users, thank you for all of your support and feedback. Let the journey continue!

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  • Aaron Booker

    Personally I think someone willing to use Excel instead of a CRM solution isn’t a real buyer. Sorry to be “mean” but I’m quite serious when I say that. Cutting the per user fee is smart in the long run that is going to apply to many more firms than basing things on a 2 person company.

    • Andrew Dumont

      Thanks for the comment, Aaron. I agree with you, the economies of scale work out as the company grows with Stride, and the focus should be on that growth.

      Also, not “mean” at all — I agree, though we don’t like to call ourselves a CRM… because, well, that sucks. 🙂